Dell buys Israeli start up Cloudify in a deal worth around $100M

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Dell Technologies (Nasdaq: DELL), in its mission to further expand into the cloud services business, announced last week the acquisition of Cloudify, the Israeli startup that has developed a platform for cloud orchestration and infrastructure automation. Though the company did not make it public, according to TechCrunch, the deal is estimated to be worth around $100M.

In 2017, Cloudify was spun out from its parent company, GigaSpaces Technologies, and became a separate entity. Claridge Israel, BRM Group, KPN Ventures, and CreditEase Israel Innovation Fund took part in the financing round four years ago.

The Israeli company offers an open source cloud management platform designed to connect to any device, cloud, or third-party automation tool and streamline network automation. Cloud architects and DevOps teams utilize Cloudify’s services to manage workloads and other components of multi-cloud IT platforms.

Cloudify can create unique IT environments by spinning up an unlimited number of copies of an organization’s entire infrastructure stack. These modular environments address one of the most significant constraints that businesses experience with ongoing integration by providing developers with a sandbox in which to test large deployments without interruption.

Cloudify works with Google Cloud, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Cox, Accenture and many other companies.

Dell’s spokesperson said, “Dell Technologies announced that it has completed the acquisition of Cloudify. The transaction allows Dell to continue to innovate our edge offerings.”

Dell has been active in Israel since its 2010 acquisition of Exanet, which served as the foundation for setting up its research and development center.


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