Historic Launch: New Israeli Airline Begins Operations

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The Israeli aviation landscape is set to broaden with the upcoming launch of Air Haifa, a new airline poised to enhance flight availability not only to Eilat but also to various Mediterranean destinations. This development marks a significant shift, as it introduces increased competition and connectivity for travelers within Israel and beyond.

A New Player in the Skies

Last night, Haifa Municipality confirmed that Air Haifa would commence operations at the end of July. During a working meeting attended by Minister of Transportation Miri Regev, it was announced that the airline’s maiden flight would depart from Eilat to Cyprus. Initially, the airline will focus on domestic flights between Haifa and Eilat, before expanding to international destinations.

This morning, Air Haifa announced that its first aircraft, an ATR 72-600 with a capacity of 72 seats, will land in Israel by the end of July 2024. This plane will arrive from Blagnac Toulouse Airport in France, marking a significant milestone for the airline. Two additional planes of the same model are expected to join the fleet in the coming months.

Air Haifa is in the final stages of obtaining its operational license from the Civil Aviation Authority. This process is anticipated to be completed by September 2024, at which point the airline will begin selling tickets and operating flights from Haifa International Airport.

Photo: Air Haifa’s logo is associated with Northern Israel and green pine forests of Mount Carmel in Haifa (Credit: Air Haifa)

Notable Founders

Air Haifa is backed by prominent figures in Israel’s business and aviation sectors. Among its founders are Nir Tsuk, the entrepreneur behind Palo Alto Networks; Shai Babad, CEO of Strauss; Gonen Osishkin, former CEO of El Al; and Rafi Danieli, former CEO of Zim.

Support from the Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation expressed its enthusiasm for the new airline. “In a professional discussion held yesterday at Haifa Municipality, Minister Miri Regev stated that at the end of the month, Air Haifa’s first plane would land in Israel, initiating the official licensing procedure. The company’s commercial flights are expected to commence in September.”

The Ministry highlighted the historic nature of this development, emphasizing Minister Regev’s efforts to introduce a new Israeli airline. This initiative aims to increase competition and strengthen connectivity within Israel and to nearby destinations such as Greece and Turkey.

Benefits for Northern and Southern Residents
The launch of Air Haifa promises significant benefits for residents of Haifa, the north, Eilat, and surrounding areas, providing them with more convenient flight options. The airline’s entry into the market is a welcomed change, offering new opportunities for travel and economic growth.

Image credit: Air Haifa


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