Going beyond conventional education: how one Israeli company helps children to program robots

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Have you ever dreamed of learning how to program a robot but lacked the necessary tools? It has now actually become a reality. In fact, one Israeli company has been providing technology to help people learn about this subject and even more.

RoboGroup (TASE: ROBO), a company that was established back in 1982 in the Israeli town of Rosh HaAyin, specializes in providing solutions for learning robotics, programming, and engineering. It also operates in the fields of distance education, training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The company, which operates globally but predominantly in the American market, has created technologies that make difficult concepts in the domains of programming, engineering, science, and technology accessible and understandable for kids, teenagers, and adults. One of RoboGroup’s cutting-edge solutions is a program called CoderZ, which is available to all Israeli educational institutions.

The technological environment of CoderZ is the first online setting in the world that enables any student to program a virtual robot in the cloud while studying and putting programming, engineering, mathematics, and physics ideas into practice.

The company’s platform offers a viable alternative for educators and students lacking access to physical robots due to exuberant costs, key logistical barriers that prevent scalability, and high teacher proficiency requirements regarding coding and robotics. It also provides flexibility for replicating advanced technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence) for students who are already engaged in STEM work.

These principles are foundational for the children’s future success in the above mentioned fields. In fact, this is the reason why the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has teamed up with the company back in March to provide free online STEM classes to elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States.

“Programming, robotics and technology are an integral part of all of our daily lives, it is important that all students get an equal opportunity to be exposed, and learn the professions that build Israel’s magnificent high-tech industry. Using the company’s products develops fundamental abilities and skills critical to the personal and professional future of the learners and their ability to realize their potential for success,” said the company CEO Yoram Deutsch.


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