Start-up that brings the future of no screens to life

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How would you like the idea of swapping your smartphone or TV screen for smart glasses? This is what the Israeli start-up company EyeJets is aiming to do as it is working on developing such a device.

Though smart glasses have been around for quite awhile (the most famous of them is made by Google), the EyeJets’ invention appears to have a cutting edge advantage. Usually, the digital data is projected from a smartphone or a computer directly onto the glasses’ lenses. However, in this case, it takes place directly on the eye’s retina.

This type of technology is not new, but its practicality is very limited. It simply would not work as a user would not be able to see the projected data clearly due to the constant movement of the eye. What EyeJets have developed is eye tracking technology that follows the pupil and moves in sync with it. With this technology, the movie, photos, or anything else that is being projected will always be in the centre of the user’s vision. At the same time, EyeJets keep the peripheral vision active so that one can always see what is happening in reality.

EyeJets glasses (Photo: EyeJets)

For the sceptics, it is another reason to criticise the overall trend of technology replacing social contact and making people further isolated from the real world. On the other hand, this device could make smart phone users’ lives simpler in many ways.

Presently, the prototype looks bulky and not very user-friendly. It is true only for now. As a cliché goes, “looks can be deceiving”. The company is looking for their technology to be built into fashionable glasses that the consumer can wear while walking down a street or driving a car. It is completely opposite to what alternative products on the market currently offer, as they require the user to sit down or stand in order to enjoy the quality of the imagery.

The product launch is aimed to take place by the end of next year and will have a variety of smartphone capabilities, including sound, camera options, and a virtual keyboard that will allow users to text. It will also work with currently available smartphone applications apps.


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