Germany pursues record-breaking deal for Israel’s Arrow 3 anti-missile system

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Germany has taken a significant stride towards the purchase of Israel’s state-of-the-art Arrow 3 missile defense system in a potential record deal worth close to €4 billion, according to recent reports. This move signifies a deepening collaboration between the two nations in the realm of defense and highlights Israel’s expertise in advanced military technology. The potential acquisition not only holds implications for strengthened security and defense cooperation between Germany and Israel but also cements Israel’s position as a global leader in the field of missile defense systems.

The Arrow 3 missile defense system, developed jointly by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and American Missile Defense Agency, is a cutting-edge solution designed to intercept and destroy long-range ballistic missiles. It boasts remarkable capabilities, including the ability to intercept threats outside the Earth’s atmosphere. With its exceptional interception range and high accuracy, the Arrow 3 system provides a critical layer of defense against ballistic missile threats, offering enhanced security to its users.

Germany’s interest in acquiring the Arrow 3 system demonstrates its recognition of the system’s effectiveness and its commitment to strengthening its national defense capabilities. The advanced missile defense system would not only enhance Germany’s ability to protect its own territories but also contribute to the collective defense of NATO allies.

Once finalised, this will be Israel’s largest ever defense export deal.

The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted a deficiency in ground-based air defense systems among numerous Western countries. Traditional systems like Raytheon’s Patriot units and the newer IRIS-T have proven insufficient for addressing this gap in medium-level air defense capabilities.

In contrast, Israel Aerospace Industries’ Arrow-3 provides protection for the higher layer of air defense. While Patriot and IRIS-T primarily focus on medium-level defense, Arrow-3, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries, offers advanced capabilities to safeguard against threats in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Photo credit: Gil Cohen-Magen / AFP Arrow 3 (right) missile defense systems at Hatzor Israeli Air Force Base.


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