Air purification system that destroys viruses

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The significance of cleaning the air and eradicating bacteria has received a lot of attention since the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the importance of clean air in closed spaces has gained traction in the last two and a half years. Therefore, it is not surprising that many organizations nowadays focus on the installation of purification systems. Shopping malls and hospitals are among the most vocal promoters of such systems on their premises.

However, educational institutions are the ones that are most interested in them being available. The reason being is that as children spend a significant amount of time in crowded classrooms, which aids in the transmission of viruses and other bacteria, air purification in such places is of high concern. Since most classrooms and kindergartens lack natural ventilation, the air in the space does not circulate sufficiently, therefore, build-up of pollutants, mold, dust mites and viruses, is amplified by poor air circulation.

The outcome is that even healthy people with no underlying conditions might suffer negative effects from extended exposure to poor air quality.

In a thorough investigation, researchers from Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, found that air filtration systems may reduce the rate of coronaviruses in the classroom by more than 90% in just 30 minutes, thereby halving the risk of infection. After six months of testing, researchers from Poland and Switzerland found that viruses and bacteria behaved similarly in enclosed environments.

Hence, in Israel and around the world, educational institutions are looking at the possibilities of installing such air filtration systems in classrooms that will reduce the risks of the spread of bacteria and viruses.

One Israeli company decided to tackle this issue head on-Electra Climate and Energy Systems created a special air purifying system to address this need.

The air purification device works by sucking air from the room, passing it through a UV-C lamp, and then emitting it back into the area.

UV-C technology works similarly to water filtration systems by neutralizing pathogens. The company claims to be able to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses in the air, including the corona virus, that come into touch with the ultraviolet light.

The unique method developed by the company was approved by the Ministry of Health of Israel following a protracted period of rigorous testing. As of right now, Electra is the only provider of air conditioning in Israel to receive official approval and a recommendation from the Ministry of Health for an air purification system.

In addition, the company’s air filtration system meets all applicable European and American requirements.

Electra air filtration system have been installed in schools, kindergartens, and other educational institutions all across the nation. Israel’s overcrowded classrooms will be attended by almost 2.5 million children and teachers each day, and the company’s invention will safeguard them by removing pollutants from the air and considerably lower morbidity and viral outbreaks.

Electra air filtration system has a number of important benefits. One of them is that it can be installed easily without the need to replace the other air conditioning units that are already in place, avoiding the need to spend extra funds for a replacement.

The device is not only suitable for places of large public gatherings but also fits well for a private consumption, helping families maintain the air quality at home.


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