General Motors acquires Israeli battery start-up Algolion to boost electric vehicle safety

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General Motors (NYSE:GM), one of the world’s leading carmakers, last week made an announcement regarding the acquisition of Israeli battery start-up Algolion.

Following the acquisition, all of the company’s employees will join General Motors’ development center in Israel, which currently has a workforce of about 850 people.

Established in 2014, the company was founded by Dr. Niels Fleischer, a highly experienced entrepreneur and battery expert, and Dr. Alex Nimberger, an expert in all aspects of lithium-ion battery operating modes and effects analysis. Initially, the company relied on grants and partnerships for funding, until in 2021, it successfully secured $2 million in investment from the Mobilion Foundation.

Algolion specializes in developing software that addresses a significant concern associated with the growing utilization of lithium-ion batteries: the risk of fire and explosion. The start-up’s software solution is designed to monitor the battery’s condition and provide early warnings in the event of a potential ignition or explosion. By continuously measuring data such as voltage and current, the software employs algorithms and analyzes patterns over time. Consequently, if any fluctuations or irregularities predictive of a problem are detected, the system can promptly issue alerts.

General Motors envisions that Algolion’s advanced technology will significantly improve the safety of electric vehicles. The Israeli company’s cutting-edge tech is believed to surpass analogous systems by accurately detecting battery issues several weeks in advance, and as such, it offers a high level of protection, significantly enhancing the safety of electric vehicles.

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