Taking wireless charging of EV’s to a new level

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After series of successful trials, smart road company ElectReon Wireless agreed $1.9 million contract with one of the largest Israeli bus operators Electra Afikim (around 1,400 bus fleet), to supply its breakthrough infrastructure to enable charging of thirty buses.

According to the contract, ElectReon will be constructing charging infrastructure and providing all technical support for the next year for Electra Afikim and they in return will cover the cost of the electricity.

This is ElectReon’s second agreement in Israel. The first one was signed during 2021 with Dan Bus company. According to the agreement, ElectReon provided a sale of wireless charging services for 200 vehicles. Since it has been founded back in 2013, successful trials have been performed in Sweden, Italy and Germany.

Smart road company ElectReon Wireless specialises in wireless charging electric vehicles (EV). It does it by means of proprietary copper coils which it imbeds inside the pavement and once this is done, it than transmits energy from the electric grid to a receiver located under the vehicle.

A small battery gets charged at whatever point an EV drives as long as it remains within the road where the those copper coils have been imbedded. The ultimate goal of this innovation is to make vehicles lighter and more efficient and at the same time reduce the environmental impact associated with large battery production.

“2022 is ElectReon ’s year of transition from planning, development and construction of supply chains towards large-scale production and sales. The wireless static charging project signed with Electra Afikim is a model that the company intends to replicate in many cities around the world, along with dynamic wireless charging. ElectReon continues to significantly increase its production capacity in order to be ready for the rapid construction of projects in the pipeline and future projects.” said Oren Ezer, CEO of ElectReon .


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