Israeli start-up launches world’s first saliva pregnancy test

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Israeli biotech start-up Salignostics has successfully developed world first saliva based pregnancy test kit. The company is aiming to provide its product to retailers in Israel, the EU, United Arab Emirates and South Africa in the first quarter of 2023.

Salignostics developed its pregnancy test kit SaliStick based on the technology used to produce Corona test. The company already obtained certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health as well as European CE certificate in order to go ahead with marketing its unique product on both markets.

The pregnancy test performed with saliva is just as easy as those performed with urine.  According to the company, women who take the test put a component of the test kit into their mouth for a few seconds to collect saliva, which is then collected into a testing tube, at which point the results are reportedly delivered in under ten minutes. The saliva test offered by Salignostics can be performed on the first day of a missed period to determine whether or not the pregnancy hormone is present.

According to the company, during the last year, they have completed clinical trials in Israel on over 300 women. Following its success, Salignositcs established a new production facility in the Lavon industrial zone in Noth Israel, with a monthly manufacturing capacity of 1M units.

The Salignostics team is comprised of experts in saliva research, technological development, and commercial growth. According to the company, a simple and non-invasive diagnostic is a key goal as it enables accurate monitoring of health status, disease progression, as well as treatment results. They see saliva as a perfect diagnostic body-fluid for non-invasive diagnostic modalities. This is why they have been also applying their expertise in other areas of rapid testing.

At present, apart from the first-of-its-kind pregnancy test they already developed, Salignostics have been manufacturing COVID-19 tests as well as diagnostic kits for the identification of a bacterial infection of the intestines known as Helicobacter pylori and for the evaluation of the cardiac risk of malaria.


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