Mobileye Secures Major Contract with Global Car Manufacturer

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In a groundbreaking development for the Israeli auto-tech industry, Mobileye, a pioneer in the field, proudly announced on Monday that it has successfully clinched a strategic contract with a prominent Western car manufacturer. The deal entails integrating Mobileye’s cutting-edge driving assistance systems (ADAS) into over 17 upcoming models of the manufacturer, commencing in 2026.

The comprehensive ADAS packages will be seamlessly incorporated across all brands under the manufacturer’s umbrella, spanning both conventional gasoline models and cutting-edge electric vehicles. Notably, the integration will feature Mobileye’s SuperVision package, recognized as one of the foremost non-autonomous ADAS systems in the automotive industry.

Mobileye vehicle at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Manhattan. Reuters

This significant contract also encompasses the provision of the Chauffeur package, designed to facilitate autonomous driving under the vigilant supervision of the driver. Additionally, the Drive package, geared towards achieving full autonomy, is earmarked for deployment in the burgeoning commercial transportation market, including applications like “robot taxis.”

As outlined in the terms of the agreement, the collaborative efforts between Mobileye and the undisclosed Western car manufacturer are anticipated to kickstart serial production of fully autonomous vehicles from 2026 onwards. The initial phase will focus on rolling out robotic taxi services, marking a pivotal step towards widespread autonomous transportation.

While Mobileye has remained tight-lipped about the identity of the Western car manufacturer, industry insiders speculate that it may be the Volkswagen Group, renowned for its diverse portfolio of brands. The culmination of this contract was made possible, in part, by the development of an innovative software tool. This tool empowers each individual car brand to tailor the “driving experience” according to its distinct preferences, leveraging Mobileye’s proprietary “closed” hardware.


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