Nvidia Acquires Israeli Start-Up Run:ai for $700M

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Nvidia, a renowned leader in graphics processing units (GPUs) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, has made a significant move in the tech industry by announcing the acquisition of Israeli start-up Run:ai. The company has developed an innovative operating system specifically tailored for GPUs, aiming to enhance the efficiency of their operations, particularly in AI-related tasks. While the exact amount of the acquisition remains undisclosed, industry estimates range from $680 million to a staggering $720 million, contingent on meeting certain goals.

This acquisition marks a lucrative exit for Run:ai’s investors, potentially offering substantial returns, particularly for early backers. Investors such as S. S Capital and TLV stand to gain returns several times over on their initial investments, with Ace Capital potentially even recouping its entire fund. Insight Partners, another investor in Run:ai, is also poised to reap significant rewards from this exit.

Photo: Run:ai co-founders Omri Geller and Ronen Dar. (Photo: Eliran Rubin)

The entrepreneurial journey of Run:ai’s founders, Omri Geller and Ronan Der, began during their doctoral studies in electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University. Their mutual passion for artificial intelligence led them to join forces and embark on a mission to harness the transformative potential of AI technology. Recognizing the burgeoning opportunities in the AI space, they focused their efforts on developing tools to optimize AI infrastructure, laying the foundation for what would become Run:ai.

Run:ai’s platform offers AI developers a streamlined interface for managing shared computing infrastructures, facilitating faster access to complex AI workloads, such as model training operations. One of the platform’s standout features is its ability to unite GPUs and distribute their processing power across various tasks, enhancing efficiency and performance. This capability aligns seamlessly with Nvidia’s vision of advancing AI technologies and integrating them into its existing offerings.

Nvidia plans to integrate Run:ai’s technology into its AI platform, DGX Cloud, catering to large cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. By incorporating Run:ai’s capabilities, Nvidia aims to enhance the efficiency and accessibility of AI infrastructure for organizations engaged in AI model training and deployment.

Image credit: Nvidia


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