Volkswagen Group Expands Autonomous Driving Portfolio with Mobileye Partnership

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The Volkswagen Group revealed its strategic move to integrate Mobileye’s autonomous driving systems into the latest models of Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in advancing the automotive industry’s adoption of cutting-edge driver assistance technologies, while also highlighting the profound influence of the Israeli firm on the sector as a whole.

Three months ago, Mobileye’s CEO, Amnon Shashua, revealed a significant agreement with the company, but refrained from disclosing that it involved Volkswagen, as has been reported by Isranomics.

The collaboration between the Volkswagen Group and Mobileye, led by Amnon Shashua, has been in the making for some time. While Mobileye has previously partnered with various car manufacturers, this agreement marks a milestone as it integrates Mobileye’s Supervision and Chauffeur systems into Volkswagen’s luxury brands. Additionally, Mobileye will extend its technological expertise to support the group’s autonomous commercial vehicles.

It’s worth noting that Mobileye’s integration doesn’t signal a complete reliance on external technology for Volkswagen. The company affirms its commitment to internal development, supplementing Mobileye’s systems with solutions from Qualcomm, Bosch, and Horizon in China. This diversified approach underscores Volkswagen’s dedication to staying at the forefront of automotive innovation.

The integration of Mobileye’s systems aims to redefine the driving experience, bringing its users closer to autonomous mobility. These systems enable features such as automatic overtaking on highways within authorized areas and automatic stopping at traffic lights and stop signs. Moreover, Mobileye’s technology sets the stage for level 2 autonomous driving, allowing drivers within the Volkswagen Group to momentarily relinquish control while remaining vigilant and ready to intervene if necessary.

Additionally, Volkswagen and Mobileye are also collaborating on level 3 autonomous driving solutions. At this stage, vehicles gain greater autonomy, capable of assuming driving actions within defined parameters, thus reducing the continuous monitoring required from drivers.

The announcement of this partnership comes amidst Mobileye’s efforts to rebound from recent setbacks, including a significant drop in stock value and the decision to close its aftermarket solutions unit due to the market changes. While Mobileye’s stock has yet to fully recover, the collaboration with Volkswagen presents a promising opportunity for both parties to advance the development and adoption of autonomous driving technologies.

In conclusion, the partnership between the Volkswagen Group and Mobileye also sheds light on the resilience of Israeli technology amidst geopolitical challenges. Despite pressures from boycott and divestment movement aimed at stalling collaborations with Israeli firms, the success of Mobileye demonstrates the global recognition of Israeli innovation and its contributions to improving the quality of life for people worldwide. The ability of Israeli tech companies to thrive on the international stage underscores the importance of fostering collaborative relationships that transcend political boundaries, ultimately benefiting society as a whole. As Israeli technology continues to drive advancements in various sectors, it reinforces the notion that innovation knows no borders and that cooperation yields greater progress and prosperity for all.

Image credit: Mobileye vehicle at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Manhattan. Reuters


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